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Doll Phans

Phans who love their dolls!

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Do you love Phantom of the Opera, in any incarnation?

Do you like dolls, action figures, figurines, etc?

Do you love your Barbie & Ken Christine & Phantom set? Cherish your Franklin Mint 'Music of the Night' set beyond words?

Have you dreamed of sewing costumes and customizing dolls, figures, and bears into Eriks, Christines, Raouls...or Megs, Girys, or Carlottas? Have you made the dreams a reality?

No matter what you like...if it's palpable, 3D, and it is made to resemble our beloved favourite characters, then it belongs here.

Come to share, to post pictures, ideas, links to websites and contests...pixelized dollies are accepted, too, as long as it's actually created, and not just tossed together on a "doll-maker."

Show your talents and your love in the only place dedicated to Phantom of the Opera dolls!