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The miniature dollies

These are the miniature dolls I made for Gary Mauer.....enjoy!!!!

Sorry, the pictures are 1200x900, so it's behind a cut as to not eternally mess up your friends page:

Pre-baked, hence the shiness:

From the side:

(Yes, there IS another Phantom head lying on the ground in the background. That's the first one I ever made, I'll post him at some point! ;) )

In Gary Mauer's dressing room....... He ADORED him, he was holding him the way one would hold a tiny kitten while admiring it, in the palm of his hand. ^__^

I asked if I could perhaps have a picture of him with his little guy. (Um, not in so many words. XD)
And so I got out my camera, Julie (who runs got out hers......and he turns around to us, like this:

Hahaha, I love how the little guy looks sooooo COMFY in his mouth, like, yep, this is cool.
(Some say he looks scared!! hehe)

A week or two later, I made more, since he obviously loved his little Phantom so much!! :)

Next to a coke can, for size comparison:
Christine in a distressed form in her wedding dress.....and the music box monkey!!!

Christine's back, for detail:
(Sorry, kinda dark)

He loved them again!! ^____^ He played with them. It was really hilarious!! ^___^

And so here is Gary, in his Phantom bathrobe (LOL), with necessary *fedora* to cover the "deformity art" with the little guys on his lap!! ^_____^!!

Gotta love it!! ^___^ He requested an up-close picture to be put on his site so people could see them!! =D!

I love how he's holding their little hands!
(Oh, and in Gary's words: "If Phantom and Christine consummated their marriage, that's what they'd have: a monkey." He called the monkey their love child. *giggle*)
Those three now sit atop his dressing room mirror! ^_____^

Next up, three more........a Christine and Meg pair for Elizabeth Southard, and a Masquerade Christine for Rebecca Pitcher, who actually **requested** a dolly!!! =D

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