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The bond between a gal and her dolls

I grew up as a little girl, never touching a Barbie doll.
I loved and play-nurtured my stuffed animals and action figures. I appeared on the outside as a pretty, curly blond-haired angelic thing..........who liked to get dirty.
A bit of a tomboy, probably thanks to having my only sibling be a brother, just 22 months older than myself.

So when I turned nineteen, and suddenly had a fascination with shocked the world! (Myself included!)

Ever since then, I have had an infaturation with dolls. Plastic, vinyl, porcelain, china...babies, young ladies, little boys and girls, and adults. Fairies!

My love of dolls came before my love of Phantom of the Opera. But when the two met...

And so, I have created this journal because I know there are others like me. Others who LOVE their dolls..........and also, others who LOVE their Phantom of the Opera, and enjoy having memorabilia in the form of dolls, figures, etc, etc, etc.

Enjoy, and feel free to post whatever you wish!!

Up first, for your enjoyment............enter behind the cut!!

As you can see by my icon, I love my Franklin Mint dolls VERY much!!!

Please enjoy these photographs. They are quite large (1200x900), direct and unedited from my camera.
Hopefully you will be in love with them as much as I am when you are finished feasting your eyes on their beauty! :)

Christine stands about 14" tall, and Phantom is about 15". Together, on their stand, they are about 18" tall, perhaps a bit more. :)

In their boxes, still held in from the factory! Boy, was I ever lucky to find them in this PRISTINE, untouched condition!!!

Unfortunately, Erik did not wish to be photographed clearly...despite many attempts. Oh, well. *kicks camera, cuddles Erik*

Christine, slightly blurry, with her hair net still down and over her face.

Still in her box, but with her hair net pulled up.
The appearance of frizziness on her hair is actually just her hair net, pulled up but not removed.

Check out the GORGEOUS detail of the Hannibal bodice!

Unfortunately, there's no skirt. Hehe...she just wears a sweet pair of period-appropriate pantaloon-like undergarments.

Erik does not have his hat, but does have his cloak....and BOY, does he look YOUNG!!

Together at last!!!

When you press the coin on the base, it sings a full 60-second clip of Michael Crawford singing Music of the Night. The lyrics are meshed, but it is beautiful!!

"softly, deftly,
music shall caress you
hear it, feel it
secretly posess you
open up your mind
let your fantasies unwind
in the darkness which you know you cannot fight me make the music of the.....niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..."
And it plays those key 5 notes, all the way out to the end!

Where my icon is from:

The lovers!! ^___^

Poor Erik......"in his eyes, all the sadness of the world..."

Don't you want to hug him??? He's trying so hard to look happy, too. And he's so happy to have Christine there with him, but.....he still looks so sad, in those eyes of his.....

And YES, he has his RING!
Image hosted by
(Unfortunately, in the show it's silver.....but that's okay, it's gold in the book, so Franklin Mint's artists are forgiven! ;D )

Their shoes are even detailed. (Unfortunately, his didn't photograph too well.)

And they pose...

And they pose...........

And they pose some more!

And finally...he touches her! :)

(Yes, I was watching Animal Planet. =P)

And here is the AWESOME art from the cover of the little booklet they came with!

The only way they could have been better would be if, obviously, Erik's arm could bend to reach around Christine's shoulder and neck, to her chest.
But.......I am extremely pleased with them, no matter what!!

If you like my newest prize, please comment.

But please, please do not steal any images. If you wish to use them for any purpose, please ask me, and I will probably say yes!

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